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Monday, August 11th, 2008

Ryoji Ikeda

Photo by neural.it

Photo by neural.it

I have to admit that I’m relatively new to this genre, so my interest in it is fundamentally lacking in any historical context. But I knows what I likes, and this is gripping stuff. In my flirtations with this kind of minimalistic, abstract electronica, I’ve found that it’s difficult to achieve a balance between a commitment to experimentalism and sheer listenability, but I think Ryoji Ikeda succeeds. Though largely formless, save for at most skeletal rhythms, his new album Test Pattern is immediately engaging merely through its monochromatic, microtonal textures. It skitters and pops at a sometimes frantic pace, crackling, buzzing, and ringing in enough varied ways that I’m truly never bored by it. If you’ve been avoiding “amelodic nonsense” like this, here’s an opportunity to have your mind changed. I only hope it’ll lead me to more things that surprise me in the same way.

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Clientele Goodies

The Clientele - A Fading Summer EPThe Clientele are perfect for autumn, so it was with great fortune that I discovered this little gem in the used bins of Newbury Comics a few weeks ago. Released in 2000, just at the cusp of the Clientele’s golden era, A Fading Summer features four songs not seen on any subsequent LP. There’s nothing especially noteworthy here, but that’s kind of its charm – modest little pieces content to reside on a used EP. “Saturday” is marked by a characteristically irrelevant dark opening passage and gently tumbling verses, and “Driving South” employs a “Dear Prudence” rip-off that’s so shameless it can only be an homage.

Also of note are discovered links to the Clientele’s blog, vocalist Alasdair MacLean’s Flickr page, and an archived performance on KEXP, all c/o the Merge Records blog.

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Latest Concerts from NYC

DJFirst off, here are a couple pictures & a short video from the final Sleater-Kinney show in NY. They rocked for a solid 2 hours with no air conditioning, so my hat really goes off to these ladies. It was a great show. I know no one left disappointed.

Up next, a day so beautiful, it should almost be illegal - this past Sunday (8/13 - crap! only 3 months until my birthday) - McCarren Pool offered up several bands & a DJ (super cool ?uestlove from The Roots) FOR FREE!. I got to see Apollo Sunshine, although, sorry Bostonians, I didn’t like it all that much - too jammy for me, Beirut, who’s slowly growing on me and headliners Deerhoof. A couple years ago, a friend of mine said Deerhoof was the modern Captain Beefheart. I can’t say it’s not true! They just have a high-pitched Japanese woman singer. :) I was joined at this show by two former WRUW DJs: Matt of applejacktheylack and Denise of The Make Please Me Radio Hour. It was nice to see those kids!

So, in response to the above show, I’d like to share a track from Beirut & Deerhoof, as well as the song I loved to hear by ?uestlove (hint - it’s a DJ Heroin(e) 80’s throwback favorite).

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Farewell to SK

Sleater-KinneyI will be witnessing the final NY performance of the cool rock chicks who make up Sleater-Kinney this Wednesday (8/2) at Webster Hall. So, SK, this one’s for you…Thanks for the awesome rock over the years from Riot Grrrl era ‘til now.