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Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Historical Weekend in NYC

Another Seaport ViewThis post was going to be about the great con­certs spon­sored by the RiverToRiver/Seaport Music Fes­ti­val this sum­mer at the South Street Port. I got to see Jua­na Moli­na (her new album, Son, is quite good), White Mag­ic (I think they said they’re work­ing on some­thing new), Hot Chip (great), New York Dolls (they put on a great show & have a new stu­dio album out as well), and Ted Leo and the Phar­ma­cists (they were so good my pop-music-lis­ten­ing friend asked me why he didn’t hear them on the radio) — all for free. What an amaz­ing perk of this city. South Street Seaport Peir 17

How­ev­er, over the week­end of Sep­tem­ber 15–17, I attend­ed some leg­endary shows I’d like to share with you. Start­ing on Thurs­day, Vashti Bun­yan played the Bow­ery Ball­room. She was fan­tas­tic and had mem­bers of Espers (who opened) accom­pa­ny­ing her. She played songs off her old and new albums. It was impor­tant enough that David Byrne came to see her. That was a great show. Vashti Bunyan Press Photo On Fri­day, ESG played a show at a venue called The Hook which is locat­ed in the Red Hook neigh­bor­hood Brook­lyn. The three Scrog­gins sis­ters are now joined by two daugh­ters. This show was mind­blow­ing­ly fan­tas­tic. They have a new album, Keep On Mov­ing, on Soul Jazz UK. Renee of ESG Valerie of ESG Marie of ESG On Sun­day, the leg­endary rock club, The Con­ti­nen­tal, closed its doors. But before it did, it went out with a bang with per­for­mances from Lenny Kaye (of Pat­ti Smith (did a styl­ized cov­er of Glo­ria that was amaz­ing) & Nuggets com­pli­er), Hand­some Dick Man­i­to­ba, and CJ & Marky Ramone joined by a cou­ple oth­ers for a Ramones cov­er set that was not to be missed.

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Ryoji Ikeda

Photo by neural.it

Pho­to by neural.it

I have to admit that I’m rel­a­tive­ly new to this genre, so my inter­est in it is fun­da­men­tal­ly lack­ing in any his­tor­i­cal con­text. But I knows what I likes, and this is grip­ping stuff. In my flir­ta­tions with this kind of min­i­mal­is­tic, abstract elec­tron­i­ca, I’ve found that it’s dif­fi­cult to achieve a bal­ance between a com­mit­ment to exper­i­men­tal­ism and sheer lis­ten­abil­i­ty, but I think Ryo­ji Ike­da suc­ceeds. Though large­ly form­less, save for at most skele­tal rhythms, his new album Test Pat­tern is imme­di­ate­ly engag­ing mere­ly through its mono­chro­mat­ic, micro­ton­al tex­tures. It skit­ters and pops at a some­times fran­tic pace, crack­ling, buzzing, and ring­ing in enough var­ied ways that I’m tru­ly nev­er bored by it. If you’ve been avoid­ing “amelod­ic non­sense” like this, here’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty to have your mind changed. I only hope it’ll lead me to more things that sur­prise me in the same way.
Friday, November 10th, 2006

Clientele Goodies

The Clientele - A Fading Summer EPThe Clien­tele are per­fect for autumn, so it was with great for­tune that I dis­cov­ered this lit­tle gem in the used bins of New­bury Comics a few weeks ago. Released in 2000, just at the cusp of the Clientele’s gold­en era, A Fad­ing Sum­mer fea­tures four songs not seen on any sub­se­quent LP. There’s noth­ing espe­cial­ly note­wor­thy here, but that’s kind of its charm – mod­est lit­tle pieces con­tent to reside on a used EP. “Sat­ur­day” is marked by a char­ac­ter­is­ti­cal­ly irrel­e­vant dark open­ing pas­sage and gen­tly tum­bling vers­es, and “Dri­ving South” employs a “Dear Pru­dence” rip-off that’s so shame­less it can only be an homage.

Also of note are dis­cov­ered links to the Clientele’s blog, vocal­ist Alas­dair MacLean’s Flickr page, and an archived per­for­mance on KEXP, all c/o the Merge Records blog.

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Latest Concerts from NYC

DJFirst off, here are a cou­ple pic­tures & a short video from the final Sleater-Kin­ney show in NY. They rocked for a sol­id 2 hours with no air con­di­tion­ing, so my hat real­ly goes off to these ladies. It was a great show. I know no one left dis­ap­point­ed.

Up next, a day so beau­ti­ful, it should almost be ille­gal — this past Sun­day (8/13 — crap! only 3 months until my birth­day) — McCar­ren Pool offered up sev­er­al bands & a DJ (super cool ?uest­love from The Roots) FOR FREE!. I got to see Apol­lo Sun­shine, although, sor­ry Bosto­ni­ans, I didn’t like it all that much — too jam­my for me, Beirut, who’s slow­ly grow­ing on me and head­lin­ers Deer­hoof. A cou­ple years ago, a friend of mine said Deer­hoof was the mod­ern Cap­tain Beef­heart. I can’t say it’s not true! They just have a high-pitched Japan­ese woman singer. :) I was joined at this show by two for­mer WRUW DJs: Matt of apple­jack­they­lack and Denise of The Make Please Me Radio Hour. It was nice to see those kids!

So, in response to the above show, I’d like to share a track from Beirut & Deer­hoof, as well as the song I loved to hear by ?uest­love (hint — it’s a DJ Heroin(e) 80’s throw­back favorite).

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Farewell to SK

Sleater-KinneyI will be wit­ness­ing the final NY per­for­mance of the cool rock chicks who make up Sleater-Kin­ney this Wednes­day (8/2) at Web­ster Hall. So, SK, this one’s for you…Thanks for the awe­some rock over the years from Riot Grrrl era ’til now.